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A Busy Weekend

A Busy Weekend

Today looks overcast and rain is predicted. I’m spending part of the day driving. More on that in a bit. I’ll also spend some time today drawing and painting.

Time Antiquing

The best part of my weekend was spending time with my cousin, Kathy and my  godson, Max. We drove to a small town in Illinois to do some antiquing. The main shop we wanted to stop at was Dear Yesteryear. The shop is a wonderful mix of antique items and current items.

I haven’t seen Max for quite a long time. One of the first things he said to me was, “I’m taller than you.” I laughed. It’s been a thing between us for the last couple years. He keeps comparing his height to mine. Last time we compared he was just about my same height. I told him he was due for a growth spurt and assured him it would happen. Well, thanks COVID, I missed all the times between as he grew. He is almost a full head taller than me now! 😉

We found all kinds of fun items, new and old. I fell in love with a roll-top desk. It is everything I look for AND, it’s compact in size. I thought long and hard about it but in the end, left the store without it.

When we returned home, Kathy shared their Facebook post with a picture of the desk. After commenting back and forth, I made a call to the store. As luck would have it, it was still available. Well, you guessed it, I bought it over the phone. So today, I’m taking a drive. I’m so excited. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

Some Artwork

On Sunday, I spent some time with my watercolors. After a short warm up, I worked on adding color to a rose sketch I did a few days ago. I’m happy with how it turned out. I find it very enjoyable to spend time with my paints. In fact, I can get completely lost to time when I start painting. It’s a relaxing activity.

Black Cherries & Long Arm Projects

With driving and storms on their way, I won’t be long arming. Still, I will take at least a few minutes to work another part of Black Cherries. Since I took the weekend off, I need to get back to moving this UFO to done.

How did you spend your long weekend?

Until next time,

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  1. Avatar

    I finished the two pillows that match the Three Dudes quilt. And, I still have a lot of stack ‘n whack fabric ready to go so I decided to make another child’s quilt with 8”blocks rather than the 6” ones I used for the first one. I like making the 8” ones better, and I think they are more interesting. Like you, lots of projects planned.

    Beverly Lemberger
    Sep 9, 2020 Reply
    • Mary

      That sounds great! I agree about the larger stack n wack blocks. Though it does depend a bit on the print selected. I did a child’s quilt with an animal print in 6″ and while I liked the result, a larger block would have included more of the animals. Keeping busy is a good thing.

      Sep 10, 2020 Reply
  2. Avatar

    You are so talented! I love your rose watercolor. I finished the stack ‘n whack baby quilt on Saturday. My son Michael, daughter-in-law Gloria and granddaughter Olive spent the day with me yesterday. Today, daughter Amy and my five grands are coming for a visit. Like your godson, I’ve only been with them sporadically over the last several months as they live an hour away, and summer is a busy time on their farm. I have no doubt the oldest David, age 13, will be catching up to me height wise. Probably the 12- and 11-year olds as well as they are all about the same size and are often mistaken for triplets. Happy quilting! I have to decide which of my many projects to tackle next.

    Beverly Lemberger
    Sep 7, 2020 Reply
    • Mary

      Thank you. I did a lot of watercolor painting in my 20s but not so much any more. It felt good to get back to it. Though I am a bit rusty. It’s nice to have family visit. You need to see the kids often because they change so quickly. Enjoy them while you can. Which project did you decide to work on next?

      Sep 9, 2020 Reply

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