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Almost Done

Almost Done

Rain came in the afternoon yesterday. Today looks sunny and bright. YEAH!! Looks like I can get some long arm quilting done today.

Next Rainy Day

My next rainy day project is putting the bindings on the table runner and placements. I finished them yesterday so now they are ready for binding. My plan is to practice attaching bindings by machine. My reference for learning this technique is Get It Done Now! – Binding a Quilt by Machine by Ebony Love.

Ebony’s book is filled with little tips and tricks for getting your machine binding done right. The table runner/placemat project is the perfect project for practicing machine binding techniques. I highly recommend this book. Don’t forget the binding tool as well. This is a must have tool for every quilter. It is life changing, for sure.


Continuing the 100 Day Project blocks, Day 96 of The 100 Day Project Mystery Quilt is Prairie Queen. This is a 6″ block.

This striking star has many names but is most frequently called Blazing Star.

Patchwork Design, The Ladies’ Friend, 1866
Mother’s Delight, Clara Stone, Practical Needlework, ca. 1906
Eight Pointed Star, Ladies Art Company, 1906
Blazing Star, Finley, 1929
Blazing Star, Jane Alan, Quilt Designs, 1933
Blazing Star, Nancy Cabot, Chicago Tribune, February 25, 1933
Four-Pointed Star, Carrie Hall, 1935
Western Star, James, 1978

*The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns, Jinny Beyer 2009

Even if you haven’t started yet, you can still join me in the Facebook Group – Mary’s Art Hutch – 100 Day Mystery Quilt and follow me on Instagram with my hashtag #The100DayProjectMysteryQuilt. The patterns are available in the Facebook group and you can join anytime. Your 100 days can start when you want. Please join us!

What are you working on today?

Until next time,

Comments (2)

  1. What is the binding tool? I’ll have to buy this book.

    Aug 4, 2020
    • The binding tool is a small ruler with markings for connecting the two ends of a binding. It’s pretty slick. I know that Ebony Love, the author of the book, had a special on her website that was the book with the ruler. Check it out.

      Aug 17, 2020