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Are You Ready for Some Bindings?

Are You Ready for Some Bindings?

Yes, sing that to the Monday Night Football theme song! I know it’s Thursday night football tonight. However, football season in my house is binding and crochet season. I’ve done this for several years now. During the games, I either complete bindings or work on a crochet project. While I do work on both throughout the year, I make a concentrated effort to get those bindings done during a football game.

I find it relaxing and I’m able to complete a project while still watching the game. This year is an unusual year for sure but, I’m glad there is a season in whatever form it takes. The quilts are accumulating, and those bindings need to get done.

In addition to football tonight, I get to babysit Brennan. He is learning to read so I hope he will read a story to me. He has always liked books and my hope is that he will continue to feel the joy of reading.

Red and Butter & Black Cherries

Two rows are complete and two more are partially completed on “Red and Butter.” I’ll get at least two more rows done today. I usually do my piecing after dinner. Since I’ll be with Brennan and working on bindings during the game, I won’t be spending much time piecing today.

As for Black Cherries, yesterday I completed a few of the black and yellow half-triangles. I’ll complete a few more today. Not a lot of work on this one but it is something to keep it moving forward. So far, my strategy of completing even just a small part of this UFO is keeping this one on my radar and moving it to done.

Moda U

All the SID work on Moda U is done. YEAH!! I couldn’t wait to start the pattern stitching so I went ahead and worked the first pass of the triangle pattern. I love this pearl and feather design. My plan today is to do more of the pattern. That is, IF the weather holds out. It’s drizzly right now and though there doesn’t appear to be any thunderstorms in the area, I’ll wait until it clears. Humm, maybe I will get more piecing done today.

What do you hope to accomplish today?

Until next time,

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  1. Avatar

    Only five blocks finished on the latest stack ‘n whack as I’ve been busy this week. Yesterday I made tortilla soup (yes, it’s soup season here this week with all the cool, rainy weather) and cookies as I’m having friends for lunch today. Hopefully, more blocks after they leave this afternoon and after dinner. I like the way these blocks are turning out. Raining again today and upper 40s. Good weather for spending time with friends and quilting.

    Beverly Lemberger
    Sep 10, 2020 Reply
    • Mary

      Sounds like a good time. Share pictures when you have a chance. My Facebook page is a good place. We’re still warm here. I plan on having a burger tonight.

      Sep 11, 2020 Reply

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