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Binding Day

Binding Day

Hope everyone is doing well and getting their holiday shopping completed. I finally made my first visit to a certain big box store-mart today to finish off a couple of gift items.

I’d been avoiding store-mart since March. But, a certain teenager in my life, that I love whole-heartedly, wanted a certain item available there. And so, I bit the bullet and ventured in. You couldn’t have gotten me out fast enough. Whew! At least that is done.

I also spent time with the wonderful world of health insurance today. My current plan went up $200 a month and while it does have my doctor and hospital, it doesn’t cover my one and only medication. After a bit of searching, I managed to find a new plan that covered all three, my doctor, my hospital and my drug — but, no savings on the premium. Cost wise, it’s about the same.

All this means, I haven’t spent any time quilting today. I thought about starting a new project. Then I thought, probably not a good idea with so many “in-progress” projects to finish. But, bindings count, right? I decided to go for the low hanging fruit today and just sit in front of the fire and work on bindings. It’s turning a cold, headache day into a warm and cozy day. I’ll take that any time.

What do you do to relax while still getting things done?