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Bridging the Gap: Mid-Term Goals

Bridging the Gap: Mid-Term Goals

Before the virus, I was reviewing my 2020 goals and started a series on big dreams and long-term goal setting. With the topsy turvy way 2020 has turned during March, I’m guessing many of us are taking another look at what we had hoped to accomplish this year.

In Review

To recap, I started with my post, Reflecting on Goals for 2020, where I was reassessing what I wanted to accomplish for the year. I realized I was missing two major components: no structure to my days and no written goals. In BIG Dreams, I started by writing down ideas and dreams I want to accomplish this year. And, in For the Dream, Going Long, I wrote down several long term goals I would need to accomplish to get to the dream. Which brings us to Mid-Term Goals.

Half-way Point

Mid-term goals support the long-term goals and are approximately six to twelve months out on your time table. Just like long term goals, you may not have all the skills or knowledge you need to accomplish them. Some mid-term goals are clear to you. And, others are still a bit fuzzy and not completely formed yet. Just like long-term goals, the mid-term goals are flexible and will change as you progress toward your goal.

Write Them Down

Start with about three to four mid-term goals. They should be loosely tied to the long-term goals you listed. Let’s look at the example of my dream to design quilt patterns with four long term goals and four mid-term goals:

  • THE DREAM: To be a quilt pattern designer with an online shop, wholesale sales, retail quilt shop presence, and maintain a membership site. To write quilt books based on my patterns.
    • Long Term Goals to support and reach the dream (1-2 years out)
      • Create a list of pattern wholesalers to meet with at Quilt Market
      • Send my pattern catalog to additional wholesalers and retail quilt shops
      • Have a booth at Quilt Market
      • Create a web shop on my website and market my patterns
    • Mid Term Goals to support the Long Term Goals (6-12 months out)
      • Research wholesalers in the industry
      • Assemble a physical and digital pattern catalog of my offerings
      • Create 3 quilt patterns and sample quilts
      • Create regular social media and blog posts to engage my community

Our road map is starting to take shape. Remember we’re working backwards from the dream. Next, I’ll share some tips on creating the short-term goals to work on as we travel the road to our dreams.

Did you take some time to write down your dreams? How about some long term goals? Now add your mid-term goals that need to be accomplished to get there.

Until next time,