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Dream Quilt Project

Dream Quilt Project

Eventually, every quilter imagines a dream project.

I have two dream projects. One involves a collection of fabric I started about 15 years ago. They are glorious purples and greens. Some of the fabrics were purchases on my travels. Others were contributions from my parents which they picked up during their travels.

Special Fabric

I recall that some of the fabrics in the collection are fabrics my parents bought on a trip to the South Pacific that included stops in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Tinian, New Zealand and Australia. It was a 28-day trip to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I no longer remember which fabrics were from where. I just love them all. They are a very special collection of fabics.

The collection was started by my mom. She was an artist and had a real knack for color. Mom also knew my tastes better than me! I know this because she NEVER would have picked purple and green for herself. She was an autumn color girl.

I still don’t know the design for the quilt for these fabrics. I only know that when I’m inspired to make it, it will be simply amazing. The kind of amazing that makes it quilt show worthy; MAJOR quilt show worthy. I just know it.

High Aspirations

My other dream project is to make a Baltimore Album quilt. Ever since I saw my first Baltimore Album quilt in person, I was enthralled, awed, humbled. I collected all the Ellie Sienkiewicz books I could get my hands on. I’m still working to learn the skills that will be necessary for this creation.

As I look at my books and fabric, it occurs to me that maybe that amazing fabric could be the start of an amazing Baltimore Album quilt. The merging of two dream quilts. Something to think about.

Note: This post is part of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge hosted by Cheryl Sleboda of Muppin.com.

Do you have a dream quilt project?

Comments (2)

  1. Beautiful fabrics and a great project to undertake.

    linda newman
    Dec 8, 2019
    • Thank you. I’m looking forward to the spark of inspiration that will start the quilt.

      Mary Hutchinson
      Dec 8, 2019