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Motivation and Long Arm Projects

Motivation and Long Arm Projects

While it’s still hot here in Missouri, the humidity is lower making it much more comfortable to be outside. I’ve been keeping up with my walking 4-5 miles, three times a week. I can’t say it’s helped my weight; I’m up about 20 pounds like everyone else. Yikes. However, it does make me feel better and improves my energy.


How do you stay motivated? I’ve been reading The Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden. I’m only up to Chapter 3. So far, he is hitting all the high points for me as to why I sometimes struggle with goals and other times reach the summit.

For starters, he is not a fan of SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-Bound. I’ve found several variations for the meaning of the “A” and “R” letters, but most follow this basic meaning.

While Haden agrees that goals should be specific, he sees measurable as not required to attain a goal. He finds realistic and time-bound as limiting to achieving our highest goals. And he sees actionable as needed however he feels the emphasis should be on the process.

So far, he says set the goal, then forget it and focus on the process needed to achieve the goal. The classic example (and EVERY self-help, motivation, life-coach, speaker/writer uses this example) is Jerry Seinfeld. Sort version: he writes comedy material every day and tracks in on a calendar by making a red X on each day he completes the task. The idea is to never break the chain of X’s.

Jerry continues to improve his skills and career by writing material every day. Not every day is good material. That is not the point. The point is to continue honing his skills and having a lot of material to use in his performances.

I guess I’ve been doing something similar with my quilting. While I don’t track it and don’t necessarily quilt every day, I do quilt often enough, and my skills continue to improve. As my mom used to say, “practice makes perfect”. While I’m not after perfection, I am continually working to improve.  

A Charming Little Quilt

My recent finish on the long arm is a little quilt called “Charm on Point“. It’s a quick and easy pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company. A quilting friend calls this one “The Picnic Quilt” since it’s just the right size for a picnic. I made mine from a charm pack of batik fabrics and two border fabrics.

The center is quilted with “Swan Song” and the outer border is “Chained Melody”, both by Nancy Haacke. The inner border is “Eleanora-sashing” by Christy Dillon and the corners are “Twist Pearls Sashing Cornerstone” by Joyce Lundrigan.


There are two more blocks to the 100 Day Project blocks. Last post was Day 98 so today is Day 99 of The 100 Day Project Mystery Quilt. The block is Carmen’s Block. This is a 3″ block.

This basic block combines two squares and two four-patch units into a larger  Four Patch Block.

Carmen’s Block, Nancy Page, Nashville Banner, July 11. 1933
Double Four Patch, Q Book 126, All Time Quilt Favorites, date unknown
Four Patch, Carrie Hall, 1935

*The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns, Jinny Beyer 2009

Even if you haven’t started yet, you can still join me in the Facebook Group – Mary’s Art Hutch – 100 Day Mystery Quilt and follow me on Instagram with my hashtag #The100DayProjectMysteryQuilt. The patterns are available in the Facebook group and you can join anytime. Your 100 days can start when you want. Please join us!

What projects have you recently completed?

Until next time,

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