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Remembering 911

Remembering 911

The events of 09-11-2001 were nineteen years ago today. In many ways it seems like yesterday. A lot has changed in our world since then. Many of those early raw emotions are gone now. Still, what remains for me are those feelings of unity as a nation that followed in the days and weeks after that day. I remember being at work and told we should go home to our families.

On that day, 2,977 ordinary citizens woke on what seemed to be just another day. They arrived at work to begin doing whatever it was that they did for their jobs. Nothing was different. And yet, moments later, nothing was ever the same.

I think about that often. How in a moment, decisions made and not even by me, can change everything forever. I want to always remember the way we came together as a country in those days that followed. The way we all became “just Americans.” I think we need to remember and return to those post-911 feelings toward each other, now more than ever.

Today I ask, remember your loved ones. Give them an extra hug. Tell them you love them. And finally, never forget.

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