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I’m making another swing at restarting regular posts to my blog. I hope you’ll bare with me as I may stumble a bit in the coming days. I got out of my routine after completing The 100 Day Project Mystery Quilt. The problem arose from not having much of a plan for what I would do after it was done.

Have you ever had that happen? You get so focused on accomplishing a goal that you lose momentum once the goal is reached. My analogy for this is a spool of thread. Normally, the thread rolls off the spool evenly until the spool is empty, i.e. the project is complete.

However, along the way to our goal, the thread may break. This when we need to restart, rethread the machine and keep going. When the goal is reached, we need to get a new spool to work on. While I spend some time figuring out a new spool, I’ll share some of the long arm projects I recently completed.

A bit of Christmas

During her recent visit to my home, my friend Helen brought along a wall-hanging for quilting. The piecing on this top is near perfection and the borders are square and flat. On the other hand, my photo skills are a bit tilted. (ha, ha)

It was pure joy to work on this quilt. The quilt features a star frame by log cabin style bars. The bars are modified to include half-square triangles at the ends creating a shadow to the star. A unique look.

I selected an all over edge-to-edge design with called “Silver Bells”. The design includes holly and bows in addition to the bells in the design.


I still owe you three more blocks from the 100 Day Project blocks. Last post was Day 97 so today is Day 98 of The 100 Day Project Mystery Quilt. The block is Rolling Stone. This is a 6″ block.

Rolling Stone, Ladies Art Company, 1897
Broken Wheel, Clara Stone, Practical Needlework, ca. 1906
Block Circle, Prize Winning Designs, ca. 1931
Johnny Round the Corner, Carrie Hall, 1935
Single Wedding Ring, Carrie Hall, 1935
Wheel, Carrie Hall, 1935
Squirrel in a Cage, Kansas City Star, November 2, 1935

The arrangement of the ‘Diamond in a Square’ units with the bars create a circular affect around a center square. I first saw this design in an antique quilt made by a co-worker’s relative. It was made in the 1930’s and set in a lightening bolt layout.

Lightening Bolt Setting

The lightening bolt layout places the blocks on-point. The zig-zag to the lightening bolt is created by the setting triangles and alternating the rows by a half-square. It is one of my favorite layouts for a quilt.

*The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns, Jinny Beyer 2009

Even if you haven’t started yet, you can still join me in the Facebook Group – Mary’s Art Hutch – 100 Day Mystery Quilt and follow me on Instagram with my hashtag #The100DayProjectMysteryQuilt. The patterns are available in the Facebook group and you can join anytime. Your 100 days can start when you want. Please join us!

What is your next project?

Until next time,

Comments (4)

  1. Mary, I love the quilting on the quilt. Thanks for the kind words on the piecing. I was very pleased on how this turned out.

    Aug 27, 2020
    • So glad you love the quilting. Thanks for allowing me to do the quilting for you.

      Sep 1, 2020
  2. Love Helen’s quilt and the quilting design you chose. Beautiful!

    Aug 27, 2020
    • Thank you. I think she did a beautiful job on this quilt. She will enjoy it for sure.

      Aug 27, 2020