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Secret Project

Secret Project

Not exactly a secret, but the idea of working on a secret project is an intriguing idea. I’m usually very open about all my projects. I have to admit I do have a bit of a secret project in the works. Actually, two of them. Both require a LOT of planning so there is no point in discussing them publicly until I’m further along in the process.

I’m contemplating doing another 100 Day project. Last year I was going to do 100 days of drawings and artwork. I have been working on my drawing skills lately. So, we’ll see if 100 days of art is a project in my future.

Beaded Feathers

In my sewing room right now is the All In One project for December 2020 from Methodist Hill Quilt Studio. Joyce Lundrigan designed this beautiful quilt featuring long arm quilting designs of feathers and pearls. In fact, the name of this quilt is Beaded Feathers.

As you can see, sometimes it takes me awhile to get going on a quilt. This quilt has appeared in my blog several times. Most of the posts are about the planning of this quilt. So. this weekend, I finally starting stitching this quilt. Ok, just the strip sets, but it’s finally started.

Long Arm Projects this Week

In addition to working on my Beaded Feathers quilt, I’m also planning to get some long arm work done on several quilt tops this week. I’ve taken a bit of a break from long arm work for the holidays. I also spent time getting some other jobs done around my house. Now that my decorations are put away, I can get back to my long arm quilting.

And, let’s not forget some work on the UFO projects this week. Believe it or not, I have UFOs that are not quilt or other crafting projects. The big “other” project is my basement. One of my goals in 2021 is to finish sorting the remaining boxes in the basement and discard a LOT of paper stuff.

What are your “other” projects?

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  1. Love your ideas
    Can’t wait to see you soon

    Patty Baker
    Jan 12, 2021