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Serendipity Happens

Serendipity Happens

You have to watch for it but sometimes serendipity happens in your life. It’s those moments when you think about the possibility of something occurring and then later it happens. Like putting a thought out into the universe and it comes back to you in an unexpected way.

I had a different post planned for today but I’ll save it for another time. Today I’m going to write about two small serendipitous things that happened to me. Small things but they hold big meaning for me during this season of my life. The first involves a bookstore find.

Serendipity at the Bookstore

Yesterday, I was unpacking boxes. Yes, after 4 years, I’m STILL unpacking boxes. Why? Because I’m still looking for the Hunter’s Star pattern. And guess what?? I found it!! YEAH! I will be able to finish that UFO after all.

However, I also came across a book, Lessons from Michelangelo by Michael Burban. It’s an out of print book now though Amazon does have used copies available, at a price. ? Anyway, I thought this find to be serendipitous because earlier that day, I had been thinking about a trip I had taken to Italy many years ago.

On that trip, I visited a museum that had an exhibit of unfinished works by Michelangelo. Why was I thinking about this? Because I’ve been trying to give myself permission to abandon some of my UFOs. You knew I’d bring this around to quilting, right? Abandonment was my plan should I fail to find the needed pattern. It had occurred to me amid my rambling thoughts, that even the great masters abandoned some of their projects. Not every started project turned into a master piece. Some times it’s ok to let go. After all, even Michelangelo abandoned some of his projects.

While the book uses drawings by Michelangelo to teach drawing, the lesson I took from the book is this — IT IS OK to experiment. And, more importantly, it is ok when those experiments fail. And, it is ok to let go. Sometimes we need to create quantity to arrive at the skill level needed to create quality. This is the season I’m in right now with respect to my art. I’m in a season where I need to just create without regard to quality. And, that’s ok, too.

It Happened Again

So my next moment of serendipity with a dose of clarity came this morning which is why I was compelled to write this particular post. Yesterday, I was bemoaning the fact that everything has died off for winter. All the fall colors are gone. The flowers are no longer blooming. So I ask, where is an artist supposed to go to find inspiration? Answer that universe.

And so, the universe did. I had been searching for places to go. Museums, displays, parks, and other such places to find inspiration. All are future possibilities for sure. Yet this morning, I ventured into my own backyard to play with Kona. She wasn’t much into “sharing” her toy and darted about the yard and garden. That’s when I noticed it.

serendipity in the garden
Unexpected Blooms

There, in my own garden, were flower blooms. A variety of flower I never planted. Growing in a place that I never planted them. My guess is that they are gifts from the many birds that frequent my garden and torment Kona when she is the other side of the patio window and inside the house.

There are only a small number of them and they are tiny flowers. But, they are beautiful none the less. Not just because of the colorful blooms but also because of the unexpected way they came into my life. I took many photos as inspiration for my drawing board. How fortunate am I? And I only needed to look in my own backyard. How Dorothy of me, right?

Do you ever find serendipity in your life?

Until next time,

Comments (2)

  1. Violas! They pop up in my yard too, but only in the spring. I did, however, have some spiderwort rebloom just a few weeks ago after I cut them back for the winter. I get excited about those little treasures too.

    Dec 10, 2020
    • I found it interesting they popped up the same day my pattern reappeared. Coincidence. Nah, just another little miracle.

      Dec 11, 2020