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Looking for inspiration to finish your quilt? View our library of quilting stitch designs to get ideas for your quilt. We will discuss your options during your consultation. Our libraries contain a sampling of the thousands of designs available.

Pattern Library

All-Over Design Library

Semi-Custom Design Library

“Can’t decide? Provide a description of what you are interested in on your order form and we will locate suitable options to discuss at your consultation.”

We acquire new patterns every month. See something you like, jot the name on your order form.


Follow our checklist and keep it handy as you prepare to ship or deliver your quilt project.

  • Quilt Top Preparation
  • Backing Preparation
  • Order Form
  • Batting
  • Shipping
  • In-Person Delivery

Prep Checklist & Pricing

Quilt Preparation Guide

 Long Arm Quilting Price List

Quilt Prep Checklist

Intellectual Property Notice

The designs pictured in the libraries are the intellectual property of the artist or designer who created it. The images are posted here to see samples of designs we have available for your quilt. Each image is accompanied by a link to the website of the designer. If you like a designer’s style but don’t see a design you want for your quilt in our library, please follow the link and view the designers’ offerings. Should you find something at their website, write the pattern name and designer name on your order form for consideration during your consultation.

Thank you for respecting artist and designer rights.