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So excited that you’re here!

So excited that you’re here!

Hello and welcome to my blog, The Hutch!

Mary Ann Hutchinson
Mary Ann Hutchinson
Mary’s Art Hutch, LLC

I’m Mary Ann Hutchinson, a creative long arm quilter, pattern designer and travel enthusiast.

As a writer, quilter, teacher, and travel enthusiast, my passion is fueled by fabric, design, people and places. I help other quilters like me, discover the amazing and beautiful world of quilts and travel.

It is my goal is to share the many things I’ve learned over the years with quilters of all skill levels but especially beginners. I believe everyone can learn to elevate their skills to create the quilts of their dreams. Also, I love the USA and enjoy traveling to every state plus a few other locations around the world.

You deserve to create the quilt you imagined when you first walked into the quilt shop and saw that fabric, pattern or sample that inspired you to start quilting. I believe your quilt matters because your quilt tells your story.

The Blog

Here on my blog, I share it all. Successes and failures. Mistakes and resolutions. Discoveries and experiences. Problems and solutions. Tackle your UFO stack, because you know you have one, as I attack mine, because you know I have one. ? Quilting is a journey and it has always been a part of my travels. I combine both of my passions here and share them with you.

My Businsss

My business is long arm quilting and pattern design. If you are ready to add the finishing touches to your quilt by having your quilt top quilted, please consider my long arm quilting services. I’m here to help.

It’s About You

You are here because you enjoy quilts and want to elevate your skills to the next level. And, you want to get those UFOs out of the closet and shared with your family and friends.

You have something valuable to share with the world and you’ve only just begun to release your creative potential.
So please:
• Ask questions – Don’t stay stuck. Share your problem and let’s find the resolution.
• Made a Mistake – All is not lost. Let’s take a look and find a solution.
• Show and Tell – My favorite part of Kindergarten was “Show and Tell”. I still love it! Show me what you are working on!
• Got UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) – Let’s figure out why you’re stuck, make a plan, and get to DONE!

It’s a big, wild, and wonderful world out there. Follow my blog and join me on Facebook.

I hope you’ll enjoy the adventure as much as I’m enjoying the journey.