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Some Days

Some Days

My brother has a saying, “Some days you start in the pole position yet you still come in last.” A car racing reference. It’s about starting in great positioning at the front. Then, despite your best efforts, you finish in last place. Well, sometimes it happens

The Start

I was off to a great start with a 4 mile run. Then, I proceeded to accomplish what seems like next to nothing the rest of the day. Does that ever happen to you?

The Muddle in the Middle

I spent most of my day getting things done around the house. While cleaning, I noticed the pile of quilted items in my sewing room awaiting bindings. I decided I better spend some of my day making that pile a little smaller.

But I didn’t. Yes, I cut the binding fabric for all the quilts in the pile. I even finished piecing the last strips on the Halloween Quilt-as-you-go table runner. I organized the pile, too. But the pile is still there, awaiting bindings.

I didn’t get downstairs to work with SusieQ either. I did get my plan complete for stitching out Winter Star. Still, the top and backing need ironing. Then, mounting and basting. All before I can even start the quilting.

Some decluttering occurred as well. Yet, this morning I still see a few piles of clutter around the house. I did laundry, yet this morning, there is still one more load to fold and put away.

A New Day

It was one of those days. Today, is a new day. My plan is preparing the bindings for some of those quilts and attaching at least a few of them. Then I’ll meet up with SusieQ and get Winter Star started.

How do you recover from a day of missing the mark?

Until till next time,

Comments (2)

  1. Mary, sometimes the brain needs a rest from achieving the daily goals. You still accomplished more than some people (i.e., I didn’t run 4 miles), so don’t feel you missed the mark! You still are a high achiever compared to some people (like me) HA!

    Oct 14, 2020
    • Thank you for the reminder. I guess I’ve always pushed myself to accomplish my goals. When I fall short, I’m hardest on myself. I need to exercise more self care. I also need to stop the comparison game. It’s ok when you are looking for someone to be an example but not so great when you use it to put yourself down.

      Oct 15, 2020