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Swimming in the Sea of Overwhelm

Swimming in the Sea of Overwhelm

I’ve been taking a break for a while. I think I got stuck in the sea of overwhelm. We had a lot of rain, on and off too. Just not myself. Maybe it’s just me. Do other people feel that way?

When I find myself feeling “overwhelm”, it saps my motivation and energy. I still make progress on projects and other chores but there is no excitement or energy in the project. I feel exhausted doing things that normally energize me.

This is the way I’ve been feeling lately. Now that the sun is back out, I know it will help me push through this time. Keeping up with my projects also helps and getting back to my blog is a good thing for me.

Long Arm Progress

I did manage to work on a few long arm projects…in between the thunderstorms. This quilt was called “Dixie Strippy” in the magazine I found it in, way back in 1999. I never liked the name. I couldn’t articulate why it grated on me, but I just didn’t like it. Today I think there is some bad connotation with the word “Dixie” and maybe I was feeling that back then. Since I never liked the name in the first place, I’ve renamed it Southern Charmer.

Southern Charmer is made entirely from leftovers from other projects. Even the backing is a piece of fabric from another quilt. The stars are 4″ Sawtooth stars set on-point. I remember the thing I liked about this project is the vertical bars between the rows of stars. They set off the star blocks in an interesting way.


I still owe you four more blocks from the 100 Day Project blocks. Last post was Day 96 so today is Day 97 of The 100 Day Project Mystery Quilt. The block is Stars and Squares. This is a 6″ block.

This block features a ‘Sawtooth Star’ inside a ‘Sawtooth Star’. I like this block a lot because, well, I like stars and this one has two of them!

Stars and Squares, Ladies Art Company, 1897
Rising Star, Finley, 1929
Double Star, Jane Alan, Illinois State Register, May 21, 1933

*The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns, Jinny Beyer 2009

Even if you haven’t started yet, you can still join me in the Facebook Group – Mary’s Art Hutch – 100 Day Mystery Quilt and follow me on Instagram with my hashtag #The100DayProjectMysteryQuilt. The patterns are available in the Facebook group and you can join anytime. Your 100 days can start when you want. Please join us!

What do you do when you find yourself in the “Sea of Overwhelm”?

Until next time,

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  1. Avatar

    Happy to hear you are doing better. Quilting often keeps me going. I had strips left from the Three Dudes black and white quilt so made a 37.5”x60” jelly roll rug, the largest one I’ve ever made. Also had a couple of leftover blocks so made two accent pillows. I’ll email photos separately since I don’t know how to attach them here. Last night I started a Stack ‘N Whack baby quilt. I’ve made several Stack ‘N Whacks and enjoy the surprise element of each block. I also have a friend who wants to learn how, so wanted prototype to teach her. Call anytime if you need a friend to talk to.

    Aug 19, 2020 Reply
  2. Avatar

    Love Southern Charmer. Hang in there. Things have a way of working out.

    Beverly Lemberger
    Aug 17, 2020 Reply
    • Mary

      I’m doing a little better. Felt good to get a couple quilts quilted. The Southern Charmer is a top I made YEARS ago and just now quilted it. 😉

      Aug 17, 2020 Reply

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