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Taking an Easy Day

Taking an Easy Day

Well, it didn’t rain yesterday. That means it was clear driving all the way to Taylorville to pick up my desk. Today they are saying 80% chance of storms. I see gray skies in the distance but it’s sunny at my house.

A New Desk

I’m incredibly happy with my new antique desk. I love its compact size. Admittedly, I have a thing for antique secretaries and roll-top desks. I like how they have compartments and nooks. And the way you can close them up. I’m still working on corralling the cords for my computer setup. Also, I need to get a blub for my desk light. Then I’ll be ready to rock my desk. I’m looking forward to it.

Dear Yesteryear holds four events a year where they include a tote give-away with purchase. Next one is the first weekend in November. Count me in!

An Old Desk

My old desk is also an antique. My dad salvaged it from a railroad depot that was begin torn down in the 1960s. He worked for the Wisconsin Telephone Company back then. His job that day was to remove the phone equipment before the demolition. He spotted the desk and asked it he could have it. It was painted black and needed some repairs.

The desk sat in our basement for the next several years. When I was around eleven or so, I decided to clean it up and make it my desk. Without telling dad, I stripped the black, bought new handles and nobs, new paint, and some contact paper. I used the contact paper to line the drawers. It’s a lovely 1970s orange and yellow flower design. I chose a brown paint.

When I was done, I asked my dad to help me move it to my room. I think he was a bit shocked and not entirely happy with my updates to the desk. Apparently, he had cleaned it up initially and painted it black. But being the great dad that he was, he held back and admired my work. It’s been my desk and traveled with me from one move across the US to another.

A New Home

The old desk already has a new home. My cousin Daniel is a major train enthusiast and he is the first person I thought to offer my desk. Of course, he is interested and now we just need to work out the logistics of getting it to him. I know the desk will be well cared for and enjoy its new owner. Once again, it needs a few repairs and who knows, it may even get a face lift. My cousin Daniel is amazing and creative.

Black Cherries & Long Arm Projects

I didn’t do any sewing yesterday. Today’s plan includes a much needed haircut. When I get back, I plan to some quilting but not with the long arm. While I’ve been writing this, thunder has started to rumble.

What does your day look like?

Until next time,

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  1. Avatar

    Beautiful roll top. Bob loved them too and bought, fixed them up and sold them. The last one was only a few years ago after we moved to Middleton and was the nicest of all of them with lots of cubbies and secret compartments. It even had an old floral card in it saying who the owner (a long-time Middleton librarian, if I’m remembering correctly) and a little history of the desk. I had a ladies writing desk years ago that he also refinished, but we parted with it when we moved. It is raining here now, and I’m expecting Kris Andrews (former Q&B’r) for lunch and a visit. Enjoy your relaxing day.

    Beverly Lemberger
    Sep 8, 2020 Reply
    • Mary

      Thank you. It’s in very good condition and doesn’t need any work on it. The price reflected that 😉 Enjoy your lunch!

      Sep 9, 2020 Reply
  2. Avatar

    Love your new/old desk. It’s beautiful. We had some rain last night. Today it is cloudy and gloomy. It’s a good day for sewing.

    Helen Hawke
    Sep 8, 2020 Reply
    • Mary

      Thank you. Our rain came last night. Very stormy. Did you make any progress on your quilts?

      Sep 9, 2020 Reply

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