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The Finest Quilts

The Finest Quilts

Fleece Tie-Quilt

I spend about three days a week helping my cousin, Max, with his homework afterschool. He’s great at Math and struggles with English. He’s a pretty typical freshman teenager. His favorite sport is soccer.

Last week he asked, “Next time I have a day off from school and I’m with you, can we go to the fabric store and get fabric for a tie quilt?” I was stunned. He NEVER wants to go to a fabric store. He does, however, enjoy the tie quilt we made a few years ago. That one is too small now and quite worn. I love that he wants to make another one.

The “quilt” is made of two layers of fleece, tied along all four edges. It’s a quick easy project and fun for kids. Check out instructions for creating one here.

Does Your Machine Do That?

St Louis Blues Quilt

I’ve been working on the binding for a quilt I’m making for a charity event to benefit the local Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. It is St. Louis Blues themed and features fabric for the Stanley Cup win.

Max took note of the hockey skate, hockey puck and hockey stick quilting design. “Does your machine do that?” I explained how the computer worked with the long arm machine. He seemed quite curious and I asked if he would like to try it out next time he was at my house. Yes, he is interested. Yeah!! He has a good amount of curiosity in him. I love that.

Not All Quilts Are Fabric

Brennan’s Signature

Yesterday, Brennan came rushing in from pre-school. He is my four-year old cousin. (Soon to be five as he frequently reminds me.) He announced he made something for me. “See, I signed it.” He showed me the back side first. When I turned it over, I saw that his letter of the day was “Q” and the word of the day was “Quilt”. “I made you a quilt!” he announced. “It’s just like the one you made for me.”

“I love it!” I replied and asked if I could display it on my refrigerator. “Yep!” he replied.

Family Matters

While only made of paper, I love that Brennan made the connection between the word of the day and me. It is such a joy having both these young men in my life. They keep me connected to what matters most in life.

Who keeps you connected to what is most important?