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Trunk Show Day

Trunk Show Day

Yesterday went a little better for me. Today, it’s raining out. Haven’t heard any thunder, but not taking chances with SusieQ. Looks like a good day to work on bindings. I have, ahem, a “few” to work on.

Something Old is New

Trunk shows have been a part of the quilting world for decades. The idea is to show and share the quilts and stories you have in storage. Think of a one quilter show and tell. I’ve decided to create a post feature and call it Trunk Show Day. The plan is to share past quilts I’ve made along with the stories and ideas behind the quilt. I may include favorite books, tools, and other surprises. You’ll have to check-in to see what surprises my trunk holds.

A Favorite Quilt

“Of all the quilts you’ve made, which one is your favorite?” I get asked that from time to time. That’s like asking Tom Brady, which Super Bowl ring is his favorite. Or asking a mom which child is her favorite. The answer is always, “I love them all equally.” And that’s the way I feel about my quilts. I love all the quilt’s I’ve made. I don’t think I ever love them while I’m in the middle, working on them. But once done, they join the ranks of “my favorite quilts.”

Inside the Trunk

Mocha Madness

Selected from my favorite book, and it IS my favorite – 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts by Evelyn Sloppy – is Mocha Madness. I’ve mentioned this book before on my blog because I love it so much. When I saw this quilt in the book, I knew I would make it one day.

The quilt features a large 16″ finished block which means you only need to make twelve blocks for a twin size quilt. The border showcases a million flying geese blocks. Ok, not a million, but 120! Fortunately, Evelyn includes instructions for a quick and easy way to make 4 flying geese at a time. So, it’s more like making 30, sort of. I know many quilters would skip the geese border, but I think the border is one of the things that makes this quilt special.

Changes I Made

I wanted mine quilt to fit a queen-size bed, so I added four more blocks and increased the outer border. I set the blocks in four rows of four blocks. It called for a 4″ outer border and I made mine 6″. Oh and 32 more flying geese blocks because 120 wouldn’t be enough!

Inner border, Flying Geese and Outer border

The Fabrics

Block Close-up

Buying fabric is probably the most enjoyable part of making a quilt. This one is special because I found the fabric on a Packer Game trip with my friends Debbie and Helen. There isn’t a Packer Game trip this year, darn COVID. So, I’m reminiscing about past trips.

My brother and I split the season tickets my parents had since the 1960’s. I usually take one game and my friends, and I have turned the game into an annual “girls” weekend. We get a hotel room and stay in the Green Bay area. After attending the game, we quilt shop our way back to Milwaukee.

The fabrics for this quilt were purchased on one such trip. Now, don’t ask me about the game. I don’t even remember who we played that weekend. What I do remember is buying the fabric. And, not just he fabric, I remember how I felt when I found them!

The Shop

The shop is JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The second I saw that beautifully curated stack of brown, tan, and rose colored prints, I.was.in.LOVE. I even knew in that moment; Mocha Madness was the quilt I would make.

JJ Stitches is a wonderful shop with an old-world feel. They specialize in reproduction fabrics, flannels, homepuns, woven cottons and wool. More of a traditional shop, it’s right up my alley since I also favor traditional quilts.

The Finished Quilt

I finished this back in 2010 when I purchased my first house located in Triangle, Virginia. It is the quilt that graced the bed in my guest bedroom. Mom loved staying in that room and she always loved my quilts; all of them — kind of like my brother and me. 😉

I didn’t own SusieQ back then so I sent it to Susan Longmire Scherer of Turning Leaf Quilting. She is my long-time friend and long arm quilter. And the person responsible for twisting my arm to buy SusieQ. Ok, she really didn’t have to twist all that hard. However, she did connect me with the seller and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mocha Madness

Mocha Madness will always have a place among my favorites. It has all the things loved quilts are made of: Favorite fabrics, travels with friends, memories of family and so much more.

Which quilt is your “favorite”?

Until till next time,

Note: I may receive a small referral fee from links in this blog post.

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  1. Avatar

    Great stories and memories Mary!Your quilt is lovely! I still have that same stack of fat quarters bought on that same trip. I must still be waiting for the perfect pattern for me

    Oct 15, 2020 Reply
    • Mary

      Oh, I forgot that you bought that same pack of fat quarters. I’m sure the right quilt pattern will find you when you are ready to use the fabrics. In the mean time, enjoy looking at them.

      Oct 16, 2020 Reply

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